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Tom E.

It was an inspiring voyage that solidified my commitment to sustainable travel

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Tom E.


I'm Tom E., committed to sustainable exploration. On my adventure to Peru, I traversed the cities using public transport and my own two feet. I stayed in local guesthouses, directly contributing to the local economy and learning about Peruvian traditions. I savored fresh, farm-to-table meals at local restaurants, reducing food miles. Hiking the Inca Trail and exploring the Amazon, I was mindful to leave no trace. This journey reinforced my commitment to sustainable travel and I'm excited to share my story with the EcoTravelPal community.


Here are few tips based on my journey:
Public Transportation and Walking: To lower my carbon footprint and truly immerse in the local atmosphere, I used public transportation and explored cities by foot whenever possible. This also gave me a unique perspective of life in Peru and brought me closer to its people.

Local Guesthouses: I chose to stay in local guesthouses during my trip. This not only allowed me to contribute directly to the local economy but also gave me an opportunity to learn about Peruvian traditions and lifestyle.

Local Cuisine: Peru offers an abundance of fresh produce and renowned culinary traditions. I relished meals at local restaurants, enjoying fresh, farm-to-table ingredients. This not only reduced food miles, but it also allowed me to taste authentic Peruvian dishes at their source.

Nature Conservation: Whether it was hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or exploring the Amazon Rainforest, I was mindful of the delicate ecosystems around me. I strived to leave no trace, ensuring I left these spectacular sites untouched.

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