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Shelly R.

Each little decision can help to protect and preserve the stunning landscapes and vibrant cities of Sweden for future generations

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Shelly R.


It's Shelly R. here, sharing my sustainable Swedish adventure. Starting in Stockholm, I embraced the city's eco-friendly vibe by staying in a green hotel that operated solely on renewable energy. Each day, I'd navigate the city using their fantastic public transport, hopping onto electric ferries that cruised through the archipelago.

Boarding a night train north to Lapland, I reduced my carbon emissions while waking up to the ethereal landscapes of the north. The highlight in Lapland was a reindeer sledding tour, run by the local Sami people, where I learned about their age-old traditions and connected with the vast, unspoiled nature.

From enjoying delicious 'husmanskost' in local, organic restaurants to witnessing the seamless integration of sustainability in every aspect of Swedish life, my trip was a testament to the fact that conscious travel choices not only mitigate our environmental impact, but also enrich our travel experiences. - Shelly R.


Here are a few tips based on my Swedish adventure:

1. Stay Green: Look for green hotels or accommodations that use renewable energy and have strong recycling programs. Sweden is known for its commitment to sustainability, so you'll find plenty of options.

2. Utilize Public Transport: Sweden's public transport is excellent, even reaching remote areas. I enjoyed the electric ferries in Stockholm and the scenic night train to Lapland.

3. Support Local Communities: I took a reindeer sledding tour in Lapland run by the indigenous Sami people. It was a memorable way to respect and support local communities, and learn about their traditions.

4. Eat Local: Don't miss out on 'husmanskost,' the traditional Swedish cuisine. There are many local, organic restaurants serving farm-to-table meals, reducing food miles and supporting local producers.

5. Mind the Wildlife: If you're heading to the north, remember to respect the wildlife. Keep a safe distance and leave no trace.

Remember, traveling sustainably is all about making conscious choices. Each little decision can help to protect and preserve the stunning landscapes and vibrant cities of Sweden for future generations. Happy traveling! - Shelly R.

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