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Chris L.

Making sustainable choices isn't just about benefiting us as individuals—it's about preserving these beautiful landscapes for future generations.

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Chris L.


I'm Chris L., a fervent adventurer with a zeal for eco-conscious exploration. A few moons ago, I made my way across the stunning landscapes of New Zealand, a trip that fortified my commitment to sustainable travel. I crisscrossed the island nation in an eco-friendly camper van, waking up each day to a new vista outside my window. I spent my days hiking through the verdant forests and my evenings stargazing in the pristine skies of the Dark Sky Reserve. To sample the local cuisine, I frequented farmer's markets, relishing the organic, farm-to-table produce that was both delicious and earth-friendly.


Eco-Camper Van Exploration: New Zealand is an ideal destination to explore in an eco-friendly camper van. Not only do you lower your carbon footprint, but you also get to immerse yourself in the diverse beauty that every bend in the road brings.

Support Local Businesses: Whether it's food or souvenirs, always try to support local businesses. It provides a direct boost to the local economy and allows you to experience the authentic culture and traditions.

Respect the Nature: New Zealand is a country with breathtaking natural beauty. Remember the 'leave no trace' principle, carry out what you carry in, and treat the environment with the respect it deserves.

Local Farmer's Markets: New Zealand's farmer's markets are a foodie's paradise. The fresh, local produce and artisanal products are a great way to enjoy sustainable dining and support local farmers.

Recommended Markets:

1. Matakana Farmers' Market (North Auckland): A true 'growers' market in the Matakana Village. It provides fresh, local artisanal food and produce.

2. Christchurch Farmers' Market (Canterbury): One of the biggest in the South Island, located in the scenic Riccarton House and Bush grounds.

3. Hawke’s Bay Farmers' Market (Hastings): Known as New Zealand's oldest and largest farmers' market, it offers a wide variety of fresh local produce.

4. Otago Farmers' Market (Dunedin): One of the country's most popular markets, featuring over 65 stalls of fresh local produce.

5. Wellington Farmers' Market (Harbourside): A bustling market in the heart of the city, offering fresh produce, artisanal food items, and more.

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